At heart, I am a portrait photographer with a contemporary take on the genre so as to give my clients something fresh and unique.  To the end, I expose myself to the techniques and styles of those in the industry whom I consider to be leaders in their field, so as to be able to bring a broad pallet of options to any given assignment.  This is especially valuable when working on location which is my favorite with its rapidly changing light and weather conditions and gives me the confidence that I can deliver great results in all situations.

I approach photographing a wedding or a special family occasion very seriously and I believe that detailed planning, preparation, and patience are absolutely fundamental in being able to exceed your expectations, so I feel a great responsibility in being entrusted to capture those fleeting moments for a lifetime.  I adore being present at the celebrations and events, as it is the genuine warmth and human interaction captured through my lens that really makes those loving images that will live on my client's walls for years to come.  That for me is the simple mark of a job well done.