Buckinghamshire Wedding at Huntsmill Farm

Huntsmill Wedding Photographer

As I travel down the beautiful Buckinghamshire country lanes to today’s wedding, I am really excited to be taking wedding photographs  at Huntsmill Farm that has just been lovingly converted into a unique wedding venue where the service and reception is being held.

The weather is beautiful today with the sun shining, making this mid-May day feel like the height of summer.  I have met Olivia and Peter previously and it only seems like 5 minutes since I last saw them and we discussed their plans but actually, it was nearly a year ago. Now I am excited to see how it has all come together.  Olivia and Peter met a few years ago and both work in the farming Industry so the perfect Barn on the picturesque farm of Huntsmill is the ideal location.

The Bride & Groom

The bride and groom have both stayed overnight at separate apartments in the courtyard accommodation at Huntsmill Farm, so when I arrive all the girls are having their final touch up of make-up applied and hair finished. They are relaxing with a glass of bubbly (naturally) and are working out with the help of Google how to wear their coral bridesmaids’ dresses in subtly different ways.  The groom and his best man are in their own accommodation at the opposite end of the courtyard putting the finishing touches to their suits and greeting the arriving guests. 

When I enter the reception room in the Barn, I am struck by the beautiful colour and rich aroma of the flowers arranged in the entrance hall, together with the stunning peonies and roses of the bride’s bouquet that have been arranged by Olivia’s and Peter’s Florist, Willow and Thyme.  I too love beautiful flowers and can feel the passion that Joules pours into her artful arrangements, with the emphasis on detail even down to the corsage flowers arranged in shotgun cartridges for the groom and his best man.

Ceremony Room

The moment arrives, and they both say “I do” in front of their friends and family in the ceremony room in the barn, their guests sitting on the unique hand-made benches that adorn the room making it feel like a private chapel.

Outside the barn after the service, Olivia and Peter are drenched in an immense cloud of confetti by their guests. We use the tranquil courtyard for the family photos, but for the bride and groom bridal photos, the expansive grounds that surround the farm are too much to resist.

Limes Farm with Produce sourced from Peter and Olivia’s own farm

We return to the barn reception, and the perfect Roast lamb dinner prepared by Limes Farm with Produce sourced from Peter and Olivia’s own farm.  At the end there are a host of speeches together with the most nervous Best man I can remember but he seizes the moment and soon the guests roar with laughter on hearing his stories of the groom.  I leave after an immensely enjoyable day leaving the guests partying outside in the courtyard in the warm evening sunshine.


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