Oxfordshire Children’s Photographer From 5 days to 5 years old

Oxfordshire Children’s Photographer

If there is one thing in our lives which never waits, that is time. Days come and go, years go by and another Christmas comes around before we even notice the trees have once more lost all their leaves.

I remembered when I first photographed Archie, a sweet little boy, who, at the time, was only five days old. I watched his parents handling him, so delicately, mesmerised by his tiny frame and curl-up limbs, while he peacefully slept, oblivious to the world around him. They understood how ephemeral the period of being a newborn is and wanted to keep a memory of Archie at this special age, forever.

It is this recognition of the importance of capturing the most significant moments surrounding us, which drove me to become a professional photographer. That special connection that takes place during human interaction that only the lens seem to be able to observe and encapsulate in a photograph.

Last October Archie turned five and once more, I travelled to the woods near his family home in Eynsham to seize the memory of another milestone in his young life. The boy was happy and calm as it’s an area he knows well, being a favourite spot of his family’s to enjoy country walks. When photographing children is good to take them to places where they can relax, run around and play a little. Let them be, without having to worry too much about the stranger behind the camera. It’s then that I become invisible and let the lens do its work, grasping a cheeky smile here, a twinkle in his eyes there, and the essence of his warm personality.

Autumn is a lovely time for organising a family photoshoot. I suggested to Archie’s mother to have the session in the later afternoon sunshine when the light is soft and golden, just before the sun goes down. She had also taken my advice on the sort of clothing and colour recommendations to make Archie pop in the photos. Yellows and warm shades work really well at this time of the year, as they enhance the natural tones of the woods.

A lot of people come to me asking how often they should get their children photographed and if I were to be completely honest, I’d say every day if you can. I grew up in a home where my parents loved taking pictures and today, I am so grateful to them for the memories I have been able to carry with me. I don’t think you will ever regret having too many wonderful pictures of your family, you may, however, regret not having enough. They will, with time, become your own family heirloom and most treasured memory.

If you are planning to organise a professional photoshoot for your children, you may want to consider at what age they are at. If you are new parents, you may want to photograph your first child as a newborn, this is ideally within the first two weeks of being born, and then a few times during the first year, as this is when children change the most.

After one, you may want to have your child professionally photographed once every year, or every other year, to keep documenting the most important stages of his or her life.

What should you consider when organising your children professional photography:

1.    Choose the photographer who is right for you.

I like working with people who can relax in my company and trust in my ability to capture the sparkle of a special moment. This is why I always carry out a briefing session with them where I understand their requirements so that I can deliver what they have in mind. For me, photography is not about a list of shots or poses here and there but taking hold of human interaction in its many forms. I would always advice families to be selected and work with a photographer they can connect and feel at ease with.

2.    Agree a suitable location for the children

Children love being outside, therefore, outdoor locations such as the beach, woodlands and an open field are great spaces to explore, play and make your children feel comfortable and relax.

3.    Dress them in colours that pop against the background

Every season brings a touch of magic with it. I have taken stunning shots in the bleak winter landscape as well as bright and colourful portraits during the spring and summer months. Depending on the time of the year, I would recommend to dress your children in colours that pop against the background. For example, shades of blue work really well against the greens of a field in spring.

4.    Book the session at the time of the day when the light is soft and natural

The best time for natural photographs is when the light is soft, either early morning or late afternoon. This type of light softens details and is flattering on the skin. When the sun is high in the sky, you’ll get harsh shadows on the faces. And the bright light will make the child squint too. Overcast days can also work well as they have a much more diffused brightness.

For more information on family photography and how I can help you get your little ones’ most special moments on print, give me a call on 07859 016586. And remember to follow me on Instagram to get the latest low-down on any special offers coming up!


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